Rules :

  1. Be friendly and respectfull
  2. No Racism!!!
  3. No trolling

By not following any of these important rules will result in a permanent BAN from the server by your steam-ID and IP

Playing on the server.

  1. Try and use the roads.
  2. When you are about to close the game leave the "BOOST equipment*" clean in the designated area for a other player to be picked up 
  3. Do not harvest someone else his field! (unless your beeing asked for help)

Extra info : 

When you apply every player on the server will review the application you fill in based on what you type for goals and why you wanna play on this server you will get a response from us with Yes.... or No..... if you are accepted and you show a mature and friendly attitude you will get the same priviledges over voting for new players and promotion for admin ranks.

Your beeing accepted! :

First you will get a mail saying your accepted and you will be send some details how to join the server someone will talk to you before or when your on for first time too make your user account on the gameserver so you will get a amount of money to spend on equipment and pick a area that you wanna use as yourself. all the area's are predeterment by us and al the fields are bought ingame already so all your money will just be used for equipment extra costs like Hired NPC/ Gas / Seeds. 

*Note* currently the game is running Bjornholm wich does not hold the nice map spreading for 8 people so if you wanna suggest a other map feel free to discuss it with us!

Equipment running costs are normally for the server and not for the  individual players

What is? :

 *BOOST equipment* - These are tractors and machines in the game that are by a maximum of 2 EXTRA on the map for you too freely use  *example* you dont have enough money to work your 2nd field and your first one is beeing done by a hired NPC and uses your tractor then your free to take one of these whatever is standing and you need to do work your fiel* ofcourse its very polite to clean and put the machinery back in its position after your finished. if you have to close down urgent no problem please inform a online player or when noone is on excuse yourself when you return back and see if the equipment hasnt been put back by anyone else and do it yourself if not.